Welcome to the Promenade des Sens blog!

Welcome to the Promenade des Sens blog !

First, I’ll introduce myself, Marie- Bénédicte Pollet, founder of Promenade des Sens and more than that… passionated about Paris and all its wonderful little secret places.

You will find on the blog all the information about Paris , the news of the month and of course the Promenade des Sens’ ones .

My aim with Promenade des Sens?

Discover Paris in another way!

Established since 2006 , we offer you the privilege of discovering the « real Paris »… An unusual and surprising Paris, in mixing the passion of our knowledges , all led by professional guides by themes.

The Promenade des Sens team gets you throughout your visit in unusual places in Paris by combining its heritage so rich in culture alive .

Paris as you’ve never seen before…


Through the fine French grocery shop, you will discover unknown places (or almost) of Paris .

Small or large group , you can choose the theme of your walk:gluttony, shopping, original tour, museums and famous monuments of Paris, walking rallies or custom themes.


Animation Company, original out with friends or family, join us @Promenade des Sens !

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Promenade des Sens is also on social networks, join us!

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