Last month for the Cartier Exhibition: let’s discover an exceptional know-how

Cartier, The style of history, exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris. From December 4th to February 16th 2014
The Grand Palais presents an exhibition of the famous jewellery designer, Cartier at the Salon d’honneur.
You will discover the complex history of this great brand within the decorative arts. Founded in 1847, Cartier has attracted many personalities. From Wallis Simpson’s panther brooch to the creation of the first  wristwatch, the worldfamous House was echoing the flow of history, and let us find some useful markers.
At this exhibition, you can admire some 500 pieces of jewellery, precious accessories and clocks made by Cartier. Paintings, lithographs, posters and illustrations, as well as pieces of furniture will be exhibited for the occasion.cartier_expo_1