The theme of the week: individuals and businesses

Promenade Des Sens for individuals and businesses


Promenade des Sens is an adventure, walking tours
or rallies; we adapt our services to small groups of individuals but also to businesses.
Discovering Paris with friends or family, with colleagues, all means are good to bring people together to love or carry on loving …Paris.

Many companies already trusted us for the cohesion of their teams, the reward for winning a challenge or just for the pleasure to meet some time together. From 5 to 300 people, Promenade des Sens will make you discover the real and true Paris, original places in the theme you want to fit with.
Our International team will make this moment an emotion and discovery one!
For you, your clients, your team, your friends or your family, Promenade des Sens fits to every kind of people…

welcome to paris